Spring Harvest April 2017

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We are setting up a St James-based group for Spring Harvest from 10-14 April 2017 at Butlins in Skegness. Skegness is relatively close to Bedford, compared to the other two events Spring Harvest will be having at Minehead, and so this venue will give you the opportunity to be back in Bedford by late lunchtime on Easter Friday…….or of course earlier if you want.

My wife and I went to Spring Harvest in Minehead in April 2016. The theme was ‘Game Changers’ and how we can all be game changers for God (not just the Billy Grahams amongst us). It is a wonderful experience to be in community with 1000’s of Christians, worshipping, learning and reflecting in a very relaxing environment. The theme for 2017 will be ‘One for All,’ focussing on unity of purpose by Christ’s people.

For anyone who is a ‘newbie’ to this kind of event, there is no obligation for you to attend all or any of the spiritual program on offer. There are plenty of family-fun facilities to take advantage of in the Butlins complex, and there is the Skegness beachfront & the surrounding region to explore.

For those with children, they can be safely taken off you for significant parts of the day! The biblical teaching they get is top notch .

Have a look:


If interested, please contact John Richards, ultra2ortho@doctors.net.uk

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