Just the Joe for the Job !

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Just the Joe for the Job

A Poem by Mark Greene

Executive Director, LICC


He needed a man…
Who would take him seriously:
His words, his ways, his priority.And Joe took him seriously
Rich enough in integrity,
To let his betrothed go
For her presumed adultery.
But quietly, kindly, and shunning a show.He needed a man…
Who could hear his voice
Through that long dark night of pain,
And make his master’s choice,
And go against the populist grain.He needed a man…
Who would move at the drop of a dream,
Trust nothing, no one, except the divine scheme,
Stick to his girl, stick to his son,
Stay where he was til he heard from the One.He needed a man…
Who could make a way in a foreign land
With just the skills in his calloused hands,
Trade myrrh for tools, watch the river flow,
Keep her safe, keep their profile low.

For that job, he needed a man.
He usually needs someone – a woman, a girl, a boy.
Sometimes a donkey will do. An angel. A few.
He’s always got something on the go.
Which is why, today, tomorrow, he also needs you.





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