Intercession prayers 4/9/16

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A prayer for our world
We bring you Lord a world where much is amiss because your will is not done
A world where men are at war with each other
Where the hungry are not fed
Where people suffer because of their colour
Where the love of many has grown cold
We confess our own share in all this and ask for your forgiveness
Give us understanding of your will, fill us with reverence for you and lead us in the right way for your name’s sake.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

Lord we see all over our continent a tide of humanity coming from areas of war and desperation and seeking a safe haven and a civilised life
We are afraid Lord of this tide, that it will submerge us and change all that we are used to
We understand their fear of seeing their children slaughtered, of bombs of evil men and women destroying their lives and homes.
We cannot stand by and do nothing, but Lord give us wisdom to know what we as Christians should do. Help us not to act like Dives the rich man in your parable and ignore those who are desperate.
Thank you for organisations such as Open Doors who provide health care, job training, education, housing and food so that people do not need to leave their home areas
Help us to realise though that this is not a cost free option
Help us to be willing to give and perhaps to go, to be involved in the care of desperate people.
Give wisdom to know whom we should accept in this country and whom we should help in other ways
We pray for the refugees currently in Italy and in the Jungle in Calais. Help us not to despise and hate these people but to consider what is best for them and to fund the doing of it.
Finally, Lord help us to engage with the response to the refugee crisis of our diocese
Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

God our Father, we need a new vicar to lead us in this church.
We have the message of the love of Jesus and we have the motivation to take this out into our parishes.
But we need somebody to lead us, we need teaching from your word and we need to be prepared so that we are effective workers, showing you love practically and telling of your salvation through Jesus.
Please Lord may the woman or man of your choice see our advertisement and be prompted by you to apply for this role

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

We pray for the people who are sad, who are ill who are lonely and who care for loved ones who are sick in our church.
Help us to see this as the responsibility of all of us to get involved, to love and to serve them.
Please may these people know your presence perhaps through our service
We pray particularly for those who are not going to get well and for those people who are bereaved

We pray for those who have been left with a big hole in their lives by the loss of a loved one. Please comfort them with the knowledge that those who die, believing in Christ are with him in their final home
Merciful father, accept these prayers for the sake of your son Jesus Christ

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