Intercession prayers 26/6/16

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Our God and Father we thank you that we can come to you as father this morning, knowing that you are all powerful, but also that you love us more than any earthly father could
Now that our country has decided to leave the EU, we pray you lord that out of the political chaos of our government at the moment you will raise up wise godly and experienced leaders to guide us into a stable system of government. We pray that they may have skill in negotiating with Europe so that people do not lose their jobs and that the cost of living does not rise particularly for poor families. We also pray lord for a resolution in the financial storm that has hit the country. Please lord give us skilled, ethical and prudent people in the government, the banks and businesses so that stability may return and poorer people may not suffer
Lord in your mercy, Hear our prayer

Lord we pray that now that the referendum is finished and decided, that we may all learn to live with each other without bitterness and the telling of untruths. Please Lord, bring the communities of this country together in peace and trust particularly the young and old and the countries of our kingdom because of the widely different voting patterns in these groups. We thank you that you are a God of reconciliations. You reconciled us as sinful beings with you a Holy God through Jesus, and through you people can also be reconciled with one another. We thank you for the wise ministry of Archbishop Justin Welby in leading people to reconciliation with you and with each other. We pray that you will bless his ministry as well as that of Bishops Alan and Richard. We thank you for the ministry of Chris and Paul and of David and Suzette as they help people make a close relationship with Jesus. As the advertisement for our new vicar has now been published again, please Lord, direct the eyes of the person whom you have chosen for this task to the advertisement. Pray that we may soon be able to appoint an able and godly man or woman and that they will teach us an train us so that we may be able to go out into our community and through Jesus to bring peace
Lord in your mercy hear our prayer

Lord we pray that we may in some small way be able to feel what it is like to live in Syria Iraq or Yemen, to have a child who is blown up, to have a husband killed by a sniper, to have one’s house destroyed and be unable to find food for the remaining children. Please help us to realise that in the Kingdom of God their suffering is also our suffering. Please help us to be generous in supporting such people. Please Lord, give our government wisdom and generosity in dealing with desperate refugees. Give them wisdom to know how and where to help them. Help them to decide how many of the most vulnerable of these people we can take into this country without destroying established communities and how to help those who cannot be admitted here. Thank you Lord for organisations like Open Doors who work in the refugee camps to make them truly habitable and to find education and work for the refugees
Lord in your mercy hear our prayer

We pray now Lord for those who are ill, sad, or who have had something bad happen to them. Please Lord, may they know that you are with them in their troubles and that you love and care for them. We pray for those who perhaps are coming to the end of their earthly life and their walk with you as Christians, that they may realise in their weakness and pain that they are soon going to be welcomed into your kingdom.
We also thank you for the memory of those who after a life of living with you are now with you in your Kingdom.
As it says in the Bible in Hebrews chapter 12, as we are surrounded by such a great crowd of witnesses we are encouraged to throw off everything that hinders us in our Christian life and run with perseverance the race that is before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus.
Merciful father, accept these prayers for the sake of your son Jesus Christ

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