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St James is a beautiful and ancient church which serves the areas of Biddenham, Great Denham and Deep Spinney, where our worship of God our Father is the centre of a life which involves fun, many activities, learning, serving and being a part of a growing and all age community. The church is at the end of Church End in Biddenham in the middle of a peaceful churchyard and with a renovated barn as our church hall. If you are a Christian, come and worship and learn with us; whatever your belief or lack of it, join our lively community, we would love to see you. Here are some of our contact details:

The address of the church

St James Church Biddenham Bedford MK40 4AS
There is a small square outside the church where cars can be parked

The Vicar

The Rev Eric Lomax The vicarage Church End Kempston Bedford

Tel  01234 852241 or 07805 879 537


The Churchwardens

Mr Laurie Hurn on 01234 364251  or

Dr Edwin Martin on 01234 348718 or email

The readers

Mr Christopher Dawe 01234363890

Mr Paul Fricker 01234342843

The workers supported by our Christian Giving

Our CMS Missionary In Tanzania,Miriam Knowles

Please see her news letter under “Serving the church”

we also support

“Open Doors” working among persecuted Christians and refugees

The medical work of Christ Church Aden Yemen

Soul survivor for Christian work among young people

Langley house trust for rehabilitating offenders

The Royal British Legion and

The Bedford Day Care Hospice


Church wardens

Mr Laurie Hurn 01234364251

Dr Edwin Martin 01234348718


Mrs Hilary Hurn 01234364251



Mr Graham Weeks 01234768090

Members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC)

The PCC is the executive committee of the parish

Sue Squire

Richard Moxon

Laurie Hurn

Mrs Hilary Hurn

Edwin Martin

Jacqui Piper

Michael Hurford

Ann Morrish

Peter Leverkus

Anne Church

John Richards

Tom Perry

Zoe Rooke

John Lambert




If you would like to have your baby baptised please contact the vicar at as above. We would be delighted to baptise your baby in the church before God and to commit ourselves to help to pray for and care for your child.

A member of the congregation visits each family, if they are happy to be visited, before the baptism service.  The purpose of this is to provide a link between the church and the family and to give them an opportunity to ask about anything that they are not sure of. It is particularly important for families who are making their first contact with St James’s at this time.

When the families are visited they are told about the Explorer children’s group which meets on a Sunday morning group and encouraged to bring the children to join in when they are old enough.  They are also told about the anniversary of baptism cards that the children will receive and the letters they will get from us inviting them to come to our special festival services such as Mothering Sunday, Harvest Festival and the Christingle service. It is explained that once a year for the first 5 years after the baptism they will receive a letter inviting them to come to a Family Service when the child will be presented with an anniversary of baptism candle.

The service is discussed and the family and their guests are invited to join us for coffee in the barn following the service. They are also asked if they have a special hymn that if possible they would like included in the service.

We like to give all babies a Children’s Bible at their baptism as this is the book around which our faith centres.

If you would like to be baptised as an adult we would be delighted that you are committing yourself to be a follower of Jesus. Please contact the vicar who will advise you


Presenting the children at a recent baptism


The back of the church at the same baptism. Do we need a multistory pushchair park?



Confirmation is a time when a person declares publicly that the declaration of faith and promises of following Christ which were made on their behalf at their baptism are accepted and will be followed by that person. It is also the time when one becomes a full member of the Church of England. If you would like to take this step and be confirmed please contact the vicar.


What about all those promises that were made at our Christening?

This I believe (2) - Copy

At a recent meeting with the Rural Dean he told Laurie and me of a matter that is concerning our bishops

When we are baptised promises are made for us by our parents and godparents. These are, that God will be our god; that we will turn from evil, that is repentance and that we accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Master.

As we get older we need to state that we personally hold to these promises and that they were not just a part of a traditional service repeated by our parents and godparents because that is the culture. When we can honestly state that we will follow God as our god, we repent of our sins and we will follow Jesus as our Saviour and our Master we become true children of God, that is true Christians. Jesus says in the Bible, that this commitment to God, repentance for our sins and acceptance of Jesus as our Saviour and Lord needs to be repeated in public and for us Anglicans this is what confirmation is. It is as we make this commitment that the Holy Spirit comes into our lives and helps us to lead a life pleasing to God

The bishops are concerned that many people who are baptised never take this step of affirming these promises for themselves and there are many baptised but unconfirmed adults in our churches.

They are encouraging such adults to take the step of affirming their baptismal vows in public at confirmation. This is particularly important in our secular age and at a time where the majority of practising Christians in the UK are not members of our Anglican church

If there is anybody in our church or wider village community who is in this situation and would like to be confirmed please could you have a word with our vicar. His contact details are above. We would plan to meet people who feel that doing this is what God wants of them in the Autumn and arrange a confirmation perhaps in November

Edwin Martin   01234348718



Our church is an ancient, beautiful and holy place to celebrate your wedding and to make your vows before God. Please would you contact our vicar at the address above?



At a time of loss we as a church family would aim to be a comfort and support to you. If you would like to have your funeral service at the church please contact the vicar at the address above and they will help and advise  you


Barn Hire


for a panoramic view of the barn please see

Our church hall is an old and attractive barn which has a kitchen and other facilities suitable for holding a meeting or celebration. For more information and to hire the barn please contact:

Mrs Jan Burns,
Church Barn House
01234 344019


All Saints Church Kempston, our sister church:

St Alban’s Diocesan web site: